How to check battery health in MIUI Xiaomi phones

How to check battery health in MIUI Xiaomi phones: simple steps to get Xiaomi phones battery status, voltage, temperature and remaining status in MIUI.

It is good practice to check your mobile battery status time to time. Xiaomi phones with latest MIUI 11, MIUI 12+ have option for battery performance. You can Optimise battery settings and check your Xiaomi phones battery health status.

Previously, you may able to check battery status by some code, but now you can directly see your MIUI based mobile battery status using inbuilt option.

Check battery health in MIUI Xiaomi phones (Updated)

Now battery saver option and battery status information given in separate tab options. These battery setting options open from the “Settings/Battery & performance” option.

Xiaomi MIUI Battery saver settings

In Battery saver settings, you will get battery charged percentage, estimated battery backup time, battery saver enable/disable options, automatic optimize battery result.

You can check battery optimization results with issues in detail and change related settings manually.

Xiaomi MIUI Battery status

Battery tab in Xiaomi MIUI shows battery temperature, number of times battery charged and App battery saver option.

Using the App battery saver option, you can apply app wise battery saver options.

More on this, Battery tab has Scheduled power on/off option, by this set phone power on and off timing.

Check battery health in MIUI Xiaomi phones

Following are steps to check battery health in MIUI Xiaomi phones using “Battery & Performance” option. You can easily optimize your battery settings or check your phones current battery health.

Step-1: Open “Battery & Performance” from Settings

Battery setting available in “Battery & Performance” option, this option available under MIUI “Settings” option. You can open this from app list or from top quick access bar.

Step-2: Tap on “Optimise” button

When you open “Battery & Performance” setting, you will find “Battery saver”, “Ultra battery saver”, “Optimise” and information like “Battery usage stats”, remaining battery and other options. For check battery status, you need to tap on “Optimise” button.


Optimization process checks your phone for battery optimization and shows option based on result.

First option is Battery issues found, where you can apply suggested settings and check battery status in result.

Second option is “Couldn’t find battery issues“, it means, you already taken action for optimization; in this case, you can check battery health directly by [step #5].

Step-3: Battery issues found: action for suggested settings

If in battery optimization process, MIUI found required possible change, it will shows all complete and remaining setting and ask for action. You can allow or ignore suggested settings by check/uncheck option given near to respective settings.

Once you complete check/uncheck action for suggested settings, you need to tap on “Add X min” or “Optimise manually” button. Note: button title showing based on your selection.

Step-4: Battery issues not found: no action required

This is normal case, when you already taken action on battery optimization suggested settings. Here, when you tap on “Optimise” button, in result, you will find “Couldn’t find battery issues” message with other information. In this case, you not required any action.

Step-5: Check battery health in result

You will find battery health information in optimize process result. Those detail available in bottom of screen. You will find battery status, voltage, battery temperature and remaining battery status in “Battery health” section. You can check battery health section image in beginning of this post.


Given are simple steps with detail to check battery health in MIUI Xiaomi phones. You can easily improve mobile battery performance by check battery health and applying best practices. Also, you can ask or share your queries or suggestions for this topic in comment section, if any.