How to change font on Xiaomi MIUI phones – [12+ font category]

Quick overview: You get steps to change theme fonts on Xiaomi MIUI phones. Page also gives info for available font categories and font filters. You can select your style font from 9000+ font styles.

Available fonts: Xiaomi MIUI gives range of font style selection. In “Fonts” setting, you will get quick list of fonts with more option. Main filter based on top, selected, categories and new fonts helps to find perfect style fonts. You have option to select font from 12 categories and each category have 80+ font styles. So, you can select your font from 9000+ different font styles.

Let’s move to main thing that is, steps to change font in your Xiaomi MIUI phone. Before move, you may likes to know that you can change your mobile font without root.

Helpful info before continue: What will be result of font change? Answer is, new selected font applied to mobile navigation, app name titles, settings, where you type, in your apps, in short font will applied to all places in your phone.

Ok, now finally let’s check all steps with simple overview.

  1. Open “Themes” in Xiaomi phone.
  2. Tap on “Fonts“: this option available in bottom tab menu.
  3. Select your font: select your style font using available category, top, new and more helpful filters.
  4. Tap on select font name: it will open font download option, if font is free, it will show green download button.
  5. Download font: tap on green download button, it will download font and shows “APPLY” option.
  6. Apply font: when you apply font, you will be asked to reboot phone. Tap on “Reboot” option.
  7. New font in action: after phone restart you will get new font in your phone.

After change font, if you not like font or want to set previous default or other font, then you need to re-follow above steps. Also, in change font on Xiaomi MIUI process, if you face any issue, you can ask in comment section.