How to Change Default Browser in Xiaomi MIUI Phones?

How to change default browser in Xiaomi MIUI phones: default browser setting is simple in MIUI 12+. Here, you will get steps to set Chrome or other browser as default one in Xiaomi phones.

Following are simple 6 steps to remove “MI Browser” from default one and set Chrome or other browser as default browser.

  1. Open MI phone settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Apps” option.
  3. Tap and open “Manage Apps” from list.
  4. From top right corner tap on three dot menu.
  5. Go to “Default apps” option.
  6. Now, from “Browser” setting you can set new default(Chrome) browser.

Above steps have minor change compare to previous MIUI OS. Here, “Default apps” option moved to “Manage Apps” three dot menu option.

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How to stop link from opening in MI Browser every time?
When you click any link in your MI phone and open it in MI Browser, MIUI will remember this preference. After this, when you click on link, MI phone will open link in default MI browser.

For solution, you need “Clear defaults” from App info. To do this, first long press MI browser app icon, you will find “App info” option, tap on it. Second you found “Clear defaults” in app info, you need to tap on it.

Hope, you found change default browser in Xiaomi MIUI steps and related information helpful. If you have any queries for these settings, you can ask in comment section.