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Download Chrome for MacBook and Install steps

Page contains step by step guide to download Chrome for MacBook and install. Given steps applicable for MacBook, MacBook pro and MacBook air mac models.

Google Chrome installation in MacBook is simple 8 steps process. Using this process, you can download and install Chrome browser in mac system (MacBook pro and MacBook air).

Download Chrome for MacBook and installation steps

Chrome browser is free to install and use. Google Chrome can install in mac system using dmg installation file. Following are steps for install Chrome on mac.

  1. Open Chrome download page: given link is for Google Chrome page, where download chrome button shows based on OS.
  2. Click Download Chrome button: to download Chrome click on big blue download button.
  3. Click Accept and Install: carefully read Terms of Service and click Accept and Install button to start downloading.
  4. Open googlechrome.dmg file: Once installation file downloaded, click and open it.
  5. Drag Chrome icon to the Applications folder.
  6. Eject Google Chrome from Finder: once copying done, Open Finder and click eject icon near Google Chrome in sidebar. This step will clean up installer files.
  7. Open Chrome: go to application folder and double click Chrome to open and use it.
  8. Move installation file to trash: go to Download folder and move googlechrome.dmg installation file to trash.

How to add Chrome icon to Dock

Add Chrome icon to MacBook dock is simple two steps process. First right click on Chrome icon and open options, second click Keep on Dock option. That’s it.

How to uninstall Chrome on MacBook

If your mac system has Chrome and you want to uninstall it, then following are steps to do it. By doing this steps one by one, you can easily uninstall Chrome on MacBook.

  1. Quit Chrome from Dock, if it’s running.
  2. Open Finder and select Applications folder or find “Google Chrome” using File > Find option.
  3. Right click on Chrome icon and select Move to Trash.

Above is step by step guide for MacBook users to download chrome for MacBook and install. Page also has steps to add Chrome icon to Dock and uninstall Chrome on MacBook. This helping page for MacBook users and not official page, you can also check related detail on Google Chrome help page. In current page we try to provide helpful information for Chrome install and uninstall process.

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