Android mobile Hotspot and WiFi guide

Android mobile hotspot and WiFi guide: guide includes information for mobile hotspot setup, WiFi use, connect android mobile with PC or TV.

If you are Android mobile user and want to know about portable hotspot and WiFi use, then you are in right page.

Let’s start easy step by step guide.

How to set up mobile hotspot on Android?

Android mobile portable hotspot option is easy to setup and use. You can setup public and private WiFi network using it. Public network not ask for password, while private network required password to connect.

Portable hotspot have range of options for security, data limit, USB tethering and more authorizations. Let’s move on main point now. Following are the steps to set up mobile hotspot on Android.

  1. Open mobile Settings.
  2. Tap Portable hotspot from list.
  3. Now, go to “Set up portable hotspot” option.
    • SSID (Service Set Identifier): Name of your network.
    • Security: Type of network, WPA2-Personal or None (Public).
    • Password: You need to set password for WPA2-Personal security network.
    • AP band: It’s a frequency of your hotspot in GHz.
  4. One-time data limit: setting to set limit for data usage with option to set action when limit exceeded.
  5. Turn off hotspot automatically: useful setting for turn off hotspot automatically when no device are connected.
  6. USB tethering: option to connect mobile with computer, connect with TV or other device via USB for internet sharing.
  7. Bluetooth tethering: share your phone’s internet connection via Bluetooth.
  8. Portable hotspot: option switch for on and off hotspot.

Above given steps and setting options overview helps to set up hotspot in your mobile. Now, you know about all options and able to setup perfect hotspot network in your phone.

Tip: If possible always ignore public network and give priority to password based private network (Security: WPA2-Personal).


Mobile hotspot related question, you may like to check answer.

How to secure WiFi hotspot in android?
Open “Settings > Portable hotspot > Set up portable hotspot” option. Now for Security option, set WPA2-Personal and for Password option set strong password value. After this users need to enter password to connect with your wifi hotspot, which makes your wifi hotspot network more secure.

How to connect with WiFi networks in android mobile?

Connect to public WiFi network is simple. You just need to on WiFi option in your mobile. After that, your mobile will connect automatically with available strong network.

For private network connection, you need to do more process. All this process and other useful WiFi options for android mobile are explained below.

  1. Open mobile Settings.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi option from list.
  3. First tap on Wi-Fi switch and make it on.
  4. Click Refresh option and check all available Wi-Fi networks.
  5. Now select network and connect (For private network, add proper password).
  6. That’s it, you are now connected.
  7. Wi-Fi assistant: gives setting to select best network automatically.
  8. Additional settings
    • Manage saved networks: manage all your previously saved networks.
    • Install certificates: you can manually install certificates, if network ask for it (looks very old process).

Tip: if your mobile already have saved network or any public network available, then you can swipe down from the top of screen and tap Wi-Fi option for quick connect.


Now, let’s check more on mobile portable hotspot and Wi-Fi usage to learn, how you can connect your mobile with PC or TV for internet.

How to connect Android phone with PC for internet?

Connecting Android phone with PC or laptop via USB is simple. This type of connection called USB tethering and used for internet sharing.

If you want to connect your mobile phone with PC using USB for above given reason, then following are simple steps to do it.

  1. Start your PC or laptop.
  2. Connect your mobile with PC, using USB cable.
  3. Driver installation: your PC operating system automatically install required drivers (if any).
  4. Enable USB tethering: you can do this from mobile “Settings > Portable hotspot > Set up portable hotspot”.
  5. That’s it, mobile is now tethered and you can use internet in PC now.

USB tethering related question, you may like to check.

Why USB tethering showing disabled and not accessible?
USB tethering setting shows disable if mobile and other device not connected properly. You need to check cable’s both point to confirm proper connection.

There is also another possible reason, that is, you are connecting mobile to PC, before PC started. In that case, you need to re-connect USB cable with PC or mobile.

How to connect android phone with TV for internet?

If you have Wi-Fi supported TV, then you can easily connect your android phone with your TV. Once your mobile and TV connected, you can use mobile internet in your TV.

Following are steps to connect android phone with TV for internet.

  1. Set up and enable hotspot network in your mobile.
  2. Go to Wi-Fi option in your TV (It can be available in Network settings).
  3. Select your Wi-Fi network (if your network not shows in list, you can scan networks).
  4. Now, follow the on-screen instruction to connect with network.
  5. After that phone network and TV will be connected for internet use.

Tip: if you connect with secure network, which have password protection, then you need to take cares upper case, lower case, number etc., character while entering password. This is common mistake by users in television Wi-Fi connection process.

What next? Nothing, just try above step by step Android mobile hotspot and WiFi guide and enjoy. If you have queries related to hotspot and WiFi, then you can check post (Mobile hotspot and WiFi FAQs). For more information, you can ask your queries and share your suggestions in comment section or check Android Help “Network & connection settings” support page.