What Actions Allowed in YouTube Home Feed Auto Playing?

YouTube video auto playing in home feed, also known as inline player (playback in feeds). Now, the question is, what actions are allowed with this home feed inline player?

In this post, you will know about actions which you can make when video auto playing in home feed.

Let’s get started,

Available user actions in YouTube inline player:

1. Unmute or mute playing video

YouTube users can unmute or mute auto playing videos by tapping the sound icon. This sound icon is available in the inline player top right corner.

2. Fast forward or rewind video

In a YouTube auto playing video, an inline player shows a red progress bar with current position. And, the current playing position shows with a red circle.

Here, users can forward or rewind auto playing video by moving the red circle of progress by to right or left.

3. Hide show video subtitles

YouTube video inline player shows subtitle(if available) while video auto playing. Users can hide or show these subtitles by tapping the “CC” option, which is given in the video’s top right corner.

Above are three actions which you can make while watching YouTube videos in inline player on home feed.

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