YouTube Channel Notification Bell Icon (Complete Guide)

YouTube channel notification is a nice feature for channel creators and subscribers. By channel video notification, creators get more views and channel subscribers not missed new videos.

If you are a YouTube creator or channel subscriber, then this post will be helpful in both cases.

In this post, you will get YouTube channel notification feature and bell icon button related FAQs and guide. Info includes, overview of bell icon button, benefits, notification analytics and setting options.

What is the YouTube notification bell icon button?

YouTube notification bell icon button is an option to change the type of channel’s notification. This bell icon button displays when you subscribe to a channel. By this bell button, you can change notification type for the subscribed channel.

Notification bell icon shows based on type of notification. It means you can know the current channel notification type by bell icon.

So, the bell icon in YouTube channel is an option to manage your preferences of channel’s notification.

Where is the notification bell on YouTube?

There are two notification bell icons on YouTube. First is for view notifications and second is for changing the type of channel’s notification.

Bell icon position to view YouTube notifications: bell icon to check YouTube notifications is available on top right corner. This bell icon position is the same for YouTube app and website page.

Bell icon positions for change notification type: bell icon to change notification type is channel specific and available in channel page and channel’s video page (if you already subscribed channel).

How to enable the bell icon in YouTube channel?

By default notification bell icon is enabled with channel subscription. And, the default type of notification is “Personalized”.

But, if in the channel’s audience setting, you set your channel as made for kids, then the notification bell will be set default “None” (No notifications). Also, you can not change this setting.

Now, how to enable the bell icon for such a situation?

Here, there are three solutions. First, change the audience setting from “YouTube Studio > Settings > Advanced settings” and set that channel is not made for kids (if the channel is set as made for kids by mistake).

Second, make an audience type (made for kids) selection video specific by choosing the option “I want to review this setting for every video”. You can try this solution, if your channel has different types of videos (general or made for kids).

Third, if your channel is fully made for kids, then accept YouTube bell icon setting and avoid any changes.

What Is the YouTube Bell Icon Used For?

YouTube bell icon button is used to change notification type of subscribed channels. There is also another bell icon on top right corner, which used to check and read all notifications from subscribed channels.

Why do Youtubers want you to click the bell? YouTubers appeal to press or hit the bell icon. Because, once you press the bell button and allow all notifications from the channel, then you will be notified about channel new videos and update every time. And, by this process, YouTubers get more channel engagement and views.

YouTube bell icon notification setting options: when press channel bell icon, you will get three notification options. They are All, Personalized and None. It means, you will get notification for all updates, or notification for personalized related change or not get any notifications.

What is a bell icon intro in YouTube?

Bell icon in YouTube used to manage channel notifications. And, notification settings set to “All” gives more user engagement and views. So, YouTubers appeal to viewers to hit the bell icon at the start of video. This appeal video part is called the bell icon intro in YouTube.

In the YouTube video, press the bell icon request is just after subscribe channel appeal. In the bell icon intro, YouTubers show detailed animated steps on how to change notification setting and allow all notifications.

How to make a youtube bell icon video?

Create “subscribe and hit the bell icon” intro video is a simple process. Following are steps, you can follow to create a bell icon intro video free.

1. Decide which channel screen you want to use in video (Desktop or mobile app). Mobile app screen is suggested.

2. Screenshots: Take three screenshots of your channel’s main screen. First normal screen where “SUBSCRIBE” text shown in red color. Second, press “SUBSCRIBE” text and take a screenshot where the “SUBSCRIBED” text and bell icon display. Third, press the bell icon and select ringing bell, now take a screenshot where the ringing bell icon displays.

3. Screen recording: Instead of screenshot, you can also use screen recording of the “subscribe channel and hit the bell icon” process. For this, you need to start screen recording and complete the full process in one shot. After, complete process, save the recording and use it in editor software.

4. Next, go to your video editor software or app and add these three screenshots or screen recording in the project and create a bell icon intro. Here, you can add your voice and animation to explain the process in a better way.

How to find out how many subscribers clicked the YouTube notification bell?

You can find out the number of subscribers who clicked the YouTube notification bell and get notifications from your channel.

It means, you do not get the exact number of subscribers who clicked the notification bell, but gots the number of subscribers who received the notification. Based on that you can get an idea about how many users clicked the bell icon.

To view notifications from your channel: login to YouTube Studio. Next, from the left menu select “Analytics”. Now, select “Audience” and find the “Subscriber bell notifications” card. This card shows notification analytics.

That’s it,

Hope, information given in this YouTube channel notification bell icon guide post is helpful for you and your channel.