How to view WordPress site as normal user in admin mode?

In this post you will get solutions to view WordPress site’s different posts and pages as a normal user in admin mode.

Situation: WordPress site page’s design change testing as normal user in admin mode.

This case is happened for every admin in the beginning stage. In this case, you as an admin logged-in to your website admin panel. Now, when you visit any page of your site, that page display in admin mode with manage page options.

Here, suppose you made any front-end design change from WordPress admin dashboard. And, after that you want to test those changes as a normal user. But, with admin login, you will find all WordPress pages in admin view.

How to view a WordPress site as a normal user in admin mode?

To view a WordPress site page as a normal guest user with admin login mode, you can apply the following two solutions.

Open WordPress site page in private window (Incognito mode):

You can open page in browser private window (Incognito mode). This private window in the browser does not consider admin logged-in status. And, displays page in normal mode (as shown to normal users).

This private window or Incognito mode window opens from browser top right corner setting options.

In Chrome, the option opens by a three vertical dot icon. in Firefox, option open by a three horizontal line icon. And for other browsers this private window opens with the same type setting menu option.

Open WordPress site page in another browser:

This is the second option, in this option you need to use another browser to test your WordPress site page UI changes.

Here, admin logged-in status is browser specific, so, when you open a site page in a different browser, you will get a page view same as normal guest user.

More on this, you will also have WordPress plugins option to test site pages in normal user view with admin mode.


With the above private window option and another browser option, you can test normal user view testing without any WordPress plugin.