Labels in Blogger (Complete Guide)

This post includes a guide about Google Blogger labels. Labels overview, how to use labels in blogger and useful things to know about labels.

What are labels in Blogger?

Labels in Blogger are part of the default search filter to organize posts. By applying labels to post in Blogger, you can create category groups for related content posts. Blogger also provide a gadget to display labels page links. Label pages show all related posts in a single page with next/previous page navigation.

How to use labels as a category in Google Blogger?

You can add posts to pages on Blogger by using Blogger post label feature. It means you can use labels as a post category in Blogger.

Following are steps to add labels to post and use post labels as categories.

  1. Open post add/edit page.
  2. Set labels to post (For steps check this support page).
  3. Publish or Update post.
  4. Apply the same process to old and new posts.

Now, you can access Blogger label pages as category like pages. These label pages include all related posts.

For example, you create 5 posts and apply a “blogging” label to each post. Now, when you visit the “blogging” label page, your 5 posts will display in a single page.

Given is a solution to add posts to pages on Blogger. Using the given solution, you can add multiple posts to a single page. In short, create a category post listing page in Blogger.

Useful things to know about Blogger label

Following is a list of useful things, which you can consider while using labels in blogger.

  • Avoid too many labels for post (max 2-3 labels is fine).
  • Make the label clear and short.
  • Use dash “-” in label instead of space (label page URL optimization).
  • Think twice before creating new labels (check existing labels before creating new one).
  • Avoid duplicate labels.

How to use label page links in Blogger menu navigation?

You can add label page link in Blogger menu navigation by “Add External link” option in pages gadget (Configure page list) setting popup.

Using this option, you can add page title and page link URL in pages gadget. This “pages gadget” shown as header navigation menu.

Now, if your theme has a custom navigation menu, which needs theme file code update, then you can add label page link entry in theme code. This change required some basic HTML knowledge.

How to get Blogger label page URL?

Labels which apply to Blogger posts are displayed with a post page. These labels in post pages are clickable. To get any Blogger label URL, you need to click that label in post and copy label URL from browser URL bar.

Is Blogger label pages indexed by Google crawlers?

Blogger label pages come under “/search”, and in Blogger robots.txt settings “/search” urls are Disallow for crawling. It means, label pages will not crawl by Google bots and as a result may not indexed.

You may also see the “Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt” message in the Search Console. This message is also related to the Blogger robots.txt file. Here, you can avoid this error, as label pages are not accessible for crawlers.

Blogger platform manage crawlers and SEO practices very well. So, you need to accept this situation. Or, you need to set up custom robots.txt from the Blogger Settings page.