Are YouTube Movies Free with Premium? (3 Things To Know)

This question (Are YouTube Movies Free with Premium?) definitely comes to mind when you plan to buy a YouTube Premium subscription.

In this post, we answered this question with other related information. So, you can understand whether you get free Movies access with a Premium account or not.

Are YouTube Movies Free with Premium?

No, YouTube Movies is not free with YouTube Premium subscription. In other words, YouTube Movies content, which was paid before Premium subscription, that content will be still paid after subscription.

It means you can not watch YouTube movies for free with YouTube premium. And, to watch YouTube movies you need to buy or rent movies.

So, the YouTube Movies access process is the same before and after premium subscription.

Why YouTube Movies free access not available with YouTube Premium?

In simple words,

YouTube Movies is a different business model, where users can buy or rent movies to watch. Here, content price or rent is different based on demand. It means, providing content access on fixed subscription price may not be possible.

So, as per our analysis and knowledge, because of above factors YouTube Movies free access not available with Premium subscription.

Is there any YouTube Movies related benefit with YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium has benefits for YouTube video, YouTube Music and YouTube Kids app. You will get Ad-free watch experience, app offline download and other user experience related benefits.

But, You will not get any YouTube Movies related free benefits with YouTube Premium subscription.

Following are things which are included in Premium subscription. And, in the service information page no detail given for free YouTube movies.

YouTube Premium includes Ad-free videos, Ad-free music, play videos/music in background and download content for offline play. These benefits are available for YouTube Music, YouTube Kids app and YouTube.

If you want to check more about things which are included in YouTube Premium, then check the “FAQs” section in the official service information page.

What movies can you watch free on YouTube Premium?

There are no special free movies on YouTube Movies for Premium subscribers. You will get the same access to Movies which are available to normal users.

But, with Premium subscription you will get extra free access to YouTube Originals. These extra access includes – “Premium” badge content, access to bonus content and more.

It means, with YouTube Premium subscription, you can watch some original series, events from YouTube and movies on YouTube Originals for free, which are not available for free to normal users.

You can watch YouTube Originals videos without Premium. But, without Premium, you will get Ads in video and not get access for some premium content.

Before ending,

Hope, you found YouTube Movies and Premium subscription info helpful to get your question (Are YouTube Movies Free with Premium?) answer.