WordPress Add Category (Complete Guide)

This guide is about the WordPress add category. Categories organize your posts and provide easy navigation to readers. You will get a step by step guide to create categories in WordPress.

WordPress add category

In WordPress, you find the existing default category Uncategorized. To create new category, follow these steps,

  1. Open WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Posts → Categories.
  3. Provide category name, parent category and description.
  4. Click the “Add New Category” button.

Create category form fields in WordPress

  • Name − Unique name of your category.
  • Slug − Word slug for category url. By default, created from your category name.
  • Parent Category − Select None to make top level category and select parent category name to make category as subcategory. 
  • Description − Category description. It is optional.

WordPress subcategory

In WordPress, by default a new category is added as a Top level Category. It means, category is not subcategory and does not have any parent category.

How to create a subcategory?

To create or add a subcategory in WordPress, first create your top level parent category.

Now, open the create category page, enter your subcategory name and select parent category from “Parent Category” options. Next, submit a form to create your subcategory.

For example, Create Crypto top level category and select Crypto as parent category to create Bitcoin subcategory.

Make top level category a subcategory:

You can also make any top level category a subcategory. To do this, open the category edit page and set the parent category.

Same thing can be applicable for subcategory to make it second level subcategory.

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