WordPress Delete Category (Complete Guide)

This guide is about the WordPress delete category. You will learn about how to delete a category in WordPress with a simple step by step guide.

How to delete a category in WordPress?

1. Open categories list

Click Posts → Categories to open categories list in WordPress.

2. Delete category

In the categories list, when you hover the cursor on category name, you get some options. Now, click on the “Delete” option from shown category options.

Next, WordPress asks for confirmation to delete the category permanently. Click the “OK” button to delete the category.

Note: Your action to delete category will permanently delete category from your site. This action cannot be undone.

How to delete multiple categories in WordPress?

To delete multiple categories in WordPress, Click Posts → Categories to open categories list. Now, Tick checkboxes beside categories which you want to delete. Next, select the “Delete” option from the Bulk actions select box and click the “Apply” button.

How to delete an Uncategorized category in WordPress?

In WordPress by default the Uncategorized category is a default category. And, WordPress is not allowed to delete the default category.

Now, to get the delete option for Uncategorized category, you need to changeDefault Post Category” from Writing Settings.

After changing your default category from Uncategorized to some other category, you can delete Uncategorized category from categories list as like other normal categories.

This is all about the WordPress delete category guide. Hope you find it helpful.

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