What is Threads App – Instagram Threads App?

This guide is about the new Instagram Threads App. What is the Threads app, how to install Threads and phone requirements.

What is the Instagram Threads app?

Threads app is Instagram’s text-based conversation app. Threads app is for discussing topics, sharing your point of view and connecting with friends and creators.

In simple words, Threads is a platform to share your ideas, opinions and creativity with the world.

Instagram Threads App Guide Faqs
  • App name – Threads, an Instagram app
  • Release date – 6th July 2023
  • Price – Free
  • Download from – App Store, Play Store
  • Download size – 74 MB for Android, 254.3 MB for iOS
  • OS – Android 9 and up or iOS 14.0 or later
  • App offered by – Instagram

Things you can do on Threads app

To know more about the Threads app, check out this list of things which you can do on the Threads app.

  • Share your ideas, opinions and creativity.
  • Access your Instagram followers.
  • Connect with friends and the world.
  • Control your threads settings.
  • Explore new ideas and inspiration.
  • Aware of latest trends and live events.

As you can see, different functions in Threads are similar to other microblogging platforms like Twitter.

How to download and install Threads app?

You can download and install the Threads app from the App Store and Play Store. Android phone users install Threads app from Play Store app page, and iOS phone users install Threads app from App Store app page.

That’s all about the Instagram Threads app. Hope you learn more about Threads app from this post.

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