Post New Thread on Threads – iPhone, Android, PC

This guide is about how to post a new thread on Threads – iPhone, Android, PC. Here, you will find steps to start a new thread, what thread content includes and things to know about your posted thread.

Post a thread on Threads

To post a new thread on Threads app,

  1. Tap the write thread icon at the bottom.
  2. Enter your thread content (text, links, photos, videos).
  3. Tap Add to thread to add content to your thread.
  4. Tap Anyone can reply in the bottom left, to change who can reply to your thread.
  5. Tap Post text in the bottom right.

Now, let’s check out each step in detail.

1. Tap the Write Thread icon

To open the New thread post screen, you need to tap the Write Thread icon. This icon looks like “something writing on paper” and available at center position of bottom bar icons.

2. Enter your thread content

In a thread, you can post text, links, photos, videos or combinations of them.

You can add text and links content in a thread by simply typing them or pasting them.

And, to attach a photo or video in a thread, tap the attach icon and select items you want to attach (limit up to 10). Next, Tap Add (iPhone) or Done (Android) in the top right.

3. Tap Add to thread

In thread posting, you can create multiple threads, each thread has a 500 characters limit.

Now, to add your entered content to the thread, tap Add to thread option. Here, another thread added automatically, if your thread has more than 500 characters.

4. Tap Anyone can reply

There are three options available to manage who can reply to your thread. they are,

  • Anyone can reply – No limitation and anyone can reply to your thread.
  • Profiles you follow – Only Threads users can reply, whose profiles you follow.
  • Mentioned only – Allow replies to your thread only from users, who are @mentioned in your thread.

In the post new thread, you can open and set any one option from the bottom left of the screen. There you need to tap the default “Anyone can reply” option to change who can reply.

5. Tap Post

After drafting your thread in the Thread app, you can post a thread by tapping the “Post” option in the bottom right.

Next, the progress bar will be displayed at the top while your thread is being posted.

After posting your new thread in Threads, you can share your thread by tapping the share icon below your post.

Things to know about post thread in Threads app

Here are some useful things you should know before post a thread on Threads.

  • Replies which are posted by someone in your thread will not delete when you delete your thread.
  • Meta’s music usage guidelines and branded content policy – Music Guidelines, Branded Content Policies.
  • You can not see your thread’s replies, if it is posted by a private profile which you don’t follow.

That’s all about how to post a new thread on Threads iPhone and Android app. For more details, you can visit this Instagram help center page.

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