Threads Privacy Settings – Manage Privacy Settings

This guide is about Threads Instagram app Privacy Settings. Here, you know where to find Threads account privacy settings and how to manage them.

How to open privacy settings in the Threads app?

  1. Tap profile icon from bottom right corner.
  2. Open Settings using the top right corner icon button.
  3. Tap Privacy.
  4. You can now manage your notifications for:
    • Private profile type
    • Mentions
    • Muted accounts
    • Hidden words
    • Profiles you follow

Threads Privacy settings

Here are settings or options which are available under Threads Privacy settings.

1. Private profile

This Private profile toggle button option allows you to switch your account private to public or public to private.

2. Mentions – manage who can mentions you

Allow @mentions from – You can allow mentions to Everyone, Profiles that you follow or No one.

This setting allows you to choose who can @mentions you to link your profile in their threads, replies or bio. Here, when people try to @mention you, they’ll see that you don’t allow @mentions.

3. Muted – manage muted accounts

This option shows a list of all muted accounts. In the list each account has a button to unmute. In other words, you can manage your muted account from here.

4. Hidden words

Setting to manage hidden words to hide threads replies. These settings are common for threads replies and Instagram comments.

  • Offensive words and phrases – On or Off setting to hide replies that contain offensive words, phrases or emojis.
  • Custom words and phrases – On or Off custom words, phrases or emojis filter for replies.
    • Manage custom words and phrases – Add your comma separated custom words, phrases and emojis.

5. Profiles you follow

Here, you find a list of all accounts, you are following on Threads. You can unfollow accounts and follow again from this account list.

Other privacy settings

Settings such as restricting, apply to both Threads and Instagram and can be managed on Instagram. Settings that apply to both Thread and Instagram, and managed only from Instagram.

Currently Blocked, Hide likes and Other privacy settings option you can manage from Instagram app only.

That’s all about Threads Instagram app privacy settings.

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