Threads Post Options – Like, Reply, Repost, Share, Block and More

This guide outlines the options available for interacting with Thread posts in the Threads Instagram app. It explains seven Threads post options: like, reply, repost, share, mute, hide, block and report.

Threads post options

In Threads, thread post options can be divided in two types: post interacting options and control thread post options.

  • Thread post interacting options – These options available at bottom of thread post. It includes, like, reply, repost and share.
  • Control thread post options – Tap a three dot icon available in thread post’s top right corner to open options. It includes, mute, hide, block and report.

1. Like thread post on Threads

To like any thread post on Threads, tap the heart icon below the thread. And, tap again to remove your like.

2. Reply to a thread on Threads

In Threads, tap the chat icon below the thread post you want to reply to. Next, replying to a thread has the same process as posting a new thread in Threads.

3. Repost a thread on Threads

You can repost a thread post by tapping the two-arrow reshare icon below the thread. The thread will then be displayed as a reposted thread on your profile and in feed.

4. Share thread posts

To share a post on Threads, tap the send icon below the thread post. Using the share option, you can:

Copy the link to the thread, select platforms to share it on, add post as your Instagram story or post thread to Instagram feed.

4. Mute thread post on Threads

This Mute option mutes thread creator (whose thread’s mute option you tap) posts for you. Here, the profile owner will not be notified that you have muted them.

Next, you can unmute them from their profile.

5. Hide thread post on Threads

To hide a post on Threads feed, tap the three dots icon and select the Hide option. To view the hidden post again, tap the Undo option.

6. Block thread posted by profile on Threads

The “Block” option on a thread feed post allows users to block threads posted by a particular profile.

After blocking a profile, that profile’s posts will show the “Unblock” option instead of the “Block” option, allowing users to unblock the profile if they so choose.

7. Report thread posted by profile on Threads

You may report content that does not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines by using the “Report” option on the post.

That’s all about different post options available on Threads.

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