WordPress Plugin Settings (Complete Guide)

This guide is about WordPress plugin settings. Guide covers – how to install a new plugin, how to manage installed plugins and how to edit plugin files.

Add plugin in WordPress

Plugins are used to extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. You can install plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory from the Add Plugins page, or upload a plugin in .zip format by clicking the button at the top of the Add Plugins page.

Install plugin

To add a plugin in WordPress, click Plugins → Add New.

Next, type plugin name in the “Search plugins…” input box, it displays the plugins’ list automatically.

Now, from the plugin list, click the plugin “Install Now” button to install plugin and click “Activate plugin” to make it active on your site.

Upload plugin

If you have a plugin in a .zip format, you may install or update it by uploading it from Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin.

Note: Before installing a new plugin in WordPress, always check the plugin’s installation count, update frequency and user reviews.

Activate plugin

After successful plugin installation in WordPress, the plugin installer displays the “Activate plugin” option.

You can activate your WordPress plugin from plugin installer Activate plugin option or from the installed plugin list. Plugins list can open using Plugins → Installed Plugins option.

WordPress Installed Plugins settings

To open the Installed Plugins page in WordPress, click Plugins → Installed Plugins. This is a plugins list page, which allows you to manage all plugin settings.

Following are installed plugin settings, which you can manage from the plugin listing page.

  • Activate or Deactivate plugins.
  • Update single or multiple plugins.
  • Open and manage settings of the plugin.
  • Delete plugins.
  • Enable or Disable auto updates for plugins.
  • View plugin information.

Plugin File Editor

Plugin file editor in WordPress allows editing plugin files. Before trying this plugin option, read the following notes.

  • Making changes to active plugins is not recommended.
  • Make plugin file changes only, if you have technical & coding knowledge, otherwise take experts help or guide to do any changes.

To edit any plugin files, go to Plugins → Plugin File Editor. Here, from the “Select plugin to edit” option, select plugin to edit and click the “Select” button.

Now, you find your selected plugin’s files and directories on the right slide of the file editor. Next, click on any plugin file name to open in the editor and make changes.

At last, click the “Update File” button to save your plugin file changes.

That’s it,

Above are the all plugin settings in WordPress. The guide helps you to manage your plugins on the WordPress site.

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