WordPress Reading Settings (Complete Guide)

Reading settings in WordPress allows you to manage homepage displays, number of post displays in listing pages, feed settings and search engine visibility.

WordPress reading settings

To open Reading Settings in WordPress, click Settings → Reading option in WordPress.

Your homepage displays

Set page for your homepage. It can be the latest post listing page or static page created by you. By default the homepage shows your latest posts.

  • Your latest posts – display latest posts listing on homepage.
  • A static page – You can set your custom static page for your site’s Homepage and Posts page.

Blog pages show at most

Set the number of posts to display on your site’s listing pages. By default WordPress shows 10 posts in listing pages, you can change it from here.

Syndication feeds show the most recent

You can specify the maximum number of items that can appear in the site RSS feed. By default, it is set as 10.

For each post in a feed, include

This setting allows you to set your post feed format, It can be Full text or Excerpt.

  • Full text – Include full post. It is set as default.
  • Excerpt – Include summary of post, post content till read more section.

Search engine visibility

In WordPress, you can stop search engines from crawling your WordPress site by making Search engine visibility checkbox enabled. In settings, checkbox title is “Discourage search engines from indexing this site“.

Field note: It is up to search engines to honor this request.

How to save WordPress – Reading Settings?

To save your Reading Settings in WordPress, click the “Save” button after making changes for settings.

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