WordPress General Settings (Complete Guide)

General Settings in WordPress are the website’s basic configuration settings. In Settings configuration, General Settings is a default screen.

WordPress General Settings

To open General Settings in WordPress, click Settings → General option in WordPress.

Site Title

Site Title is the name of your site. Name of your site, which you entered here, is displayed in the template header area.


Tagline is a short description of your site. It displays below the site title. You can hide the tagline from Appearance → Customize settings.

WordPress Address (URL)

URL of WordPress directory where your core application files and folders are stored.

Site Address (URL)

Enter the site URL which your site visitors need to type into their web browsers to reach your website.

Field description: Enter the same address here unless you want your site home page to be different from your WordPress installation directory.

E-mail Address

Your email address, which is used to recover your password or any update.

Field description: This address is used for admin purposes. If you change this, an email will be sent to your new address to confirm it. The new address will not become active until confirmed.


It is settings for user registration. Checkbox is checked means registration is allowed for anyone.

New User Default Role

Set default role for newly registered user or members. By default, the new user role is “Subscriber”, you can change it from here.

Site Language

Change the language for WordPress dashboard. You can change language, which was selected on installation time.


Sets the time zone based on UTC offsets or city. You can choose a Timezone based on a focused audience or some common timezone for all.

Field description: Choose either a city in the same timezone as you or a UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time offset.

Date Format

Set your preferred date format to display on the site. Date format to display posts and pages dates.

For Custom format, here is PHP datetime format parameter characters table.

Time Format

Set your preferred time format to display on the site. Time format to display posts and pages dates.

Week Starts On

Default week starts on Monday for the WordPress calendar. You can change the week start day using this setting.

How to save WordPress – General Settings? To save your General Settings in WordPress, click the “Save” button after making changes for settings.

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