Blogger Ideas Panel: Start post for unanswered questions

Blogger Ideas panel: get updated detail and FAQs for Blogger’s new feature Ideas panel. What is Ideas panel, How to use it and other helpful info.

Ideas panel in Blogger (BlogSpot) dashboard is a new upcoming feature from Google Blogger. This is a helpful feature for getting ideas for new blog post content.

You will get information for this Ideas panel feature in this post. Information includes overview, how to use feature guide, solutions and benefits of Blogger Ideas panel.

Let’s check out all the information about this amazing new feature.

What is the Blogger Ideas Panel?

Blogger Ideas panel is a new feature in Google Blogger platform. Blogger users can get ideas by seeing unanswered questions from the internet in the Ideas panel. Currently it’s in the BETA version and not available in all Blogger accounts. This feature shows your blog content related unanswered questions for different topics. So, bloggers can start new posts on real user demanding content.

How to Use The Ideas Panel For New Blog Post?

The Ideas panel in Blogger is a sidebar section, which shows your content related unanswered questions from the internet. So, it does not have any technical process.

Following are simple processes for Blogger Ideas panel best use.

  • Read all questions from the Ideas panel.
  • Filter out useful question ideas which you want to cover in your post.
  • If you find too many related questions, then include it in a single post.
  • If some questions need a long and detailed answer, then consider it as a separate post.
  • Now, start creating content and post it.

In the ideas panel you will find, “Start Post” option. When you click this link, it just opens the create post page. So, it is just for opening a new post page.

Tip: If you want more Google unanswered questions list, then check out Question Hub. This tool suggests questions based on different category and topics, which you can combine in your post.

Why Is The Ideas Panel Not Shown In My Dashboard?

The Blogger Ideas panel feature is currently in the BETA phase. This feature is not available for all Blogger users yet. Once it is released then it will be available for all.

How The Ideas Panel Helps To Get More Blog Traffic?

Questions suggested in the ideas panel are questions which are asked by real users and Google wants more accurate answers or content for these questions. It means, if you try to create content which helps real users to get more accurate answers, then possibly Google will suggest your post in search results and you will definitely get more blog traffic.

How to enable or disable Ideas panel in blogger dashboard?

Ideas panel is a good list of topic suggestions. But, if you have not found relevant topics or you do not want to use the Ideas panel, then you can disable (hide) it from Blogger settings.

After disable the Ideas panel, you can enable it again whenever you want.

To enable or disable Blogger Ideas panel, first open Blogger “Settings” page. Next, scroll down and go to the “Posts” setting section. Here, you will get the “Ideas panel” enable/disable option. Now, make the option’s switch off to disable Ideas panel and make the switch turn on to enable it.

At Last,

If you found new things for Ideas panel feature or have any query, you can share or ask in the comment section. This is a really cool feature for all bloggers.