Blogger page or post unpublished with notice – This page was unpublished because it violates Blogger’s community guidelines

If you are facing this Blogger issue in your Blogger blog where some posts or pages are unpublished by Blogger and showing below error, then this post is for you to solve this Blogger notice problem.

Notice message:

“This page was unpublished because it violates Blogger’s community guidelines.To republish, please update the content to adhere to the guidelines.”.

Why does Blogger show community guidelines violation notice and unpublished post or page?

In the Blogger community guidelines page, you will find 17 different types of content cases which create violations as per Content policy.

If your blog page or post has such type of content, then you may face this issue in your Blogger blog.

To know why Blogger unpublished your content, you need to read the community guidelines page carefully. After reading and checking your content, you will understand which policy rule is not satisfied by your content.

How to republish a post or page back which unpublished due to Blogger content policy violation?

In the content violation notice, Blogger clearly mentions that, to republish content you need to update the content to adhere to the guidelines.

In simple words, you need to find and remove/update violation related content from your post or page to republish that post or page. After updating content you can submit content for review from the edit post page. Next, Blogger will republish your content if your content is found to adhere to the guidelines.

And, suppose in review your content is rejected after many tries and you know your content is proper, then another possible option is to move your blog to paid hosting and domain. In that case, you need to move your Blogger blog to another domain (new URL).

Is it ok to create a new post or page on Blogger with current unpublished post/page content?

No, because if you read the policy guidelines page “Enforcement of Blogger’s Content Policy” section’s last paragraph, then you will know that Blogger will not allow repeated abusive behavior.

And, in such cases Blogger can take any of the strict actions, which are mentioned in “Enforcement of Blogger’s Content Policy” section.

Is Blogger content violation notice removed if I delete post/page?

Yes, if you delete the error page/post, then violation notice will be removed from Blogger dashboard. But, in that case your post/page will not be available online any more.

How much time Blogger takes for a post/page update review request – which is unpublished due to violation?

In our analysis and experience no exact detail was found about Blogger post/page update review request. It can be 2 days / 1 week / more.