Posts Infinite Scroll Autoload Not Working in Blogger Dashboard (Solution)

In the new blogger admin dashboard layout, all post listings display using the infinite scroll (autoload) feature.

It means, when you scroll down post listing in Blogger (BlogSpot) admin dashboard, then older posts display automatically at bottom.


Currently in Blogger dashboard, older posts do not display when users opens the admin dashboard and scroll post listing. It means, Blogger post infinite scroll autoload feature does not work in this situation.

This autoscroll problem happens in Blogger desktop and mobile sites.


Following are simple steps to fix Blogger post infinite scroll autoload issue.

To make Blogger posts autoload working – users need to click or tap on the “Posts” link. “Posts” link available in the Blogger sidebar setting menu. When you visit the post list using the “Posts” link, then the page will be reloaded, and older posts start showing at bottom when you scroll down the post list.

That’s it,

This solution works for me and it will definitely work for all Blogger users.