How to Apply for AdSense on Blogger Blog

This post includes a step-by-step guide and FAQs to apply AdSense on Blogger Blog. You will get detailed guide for each steps.

Blogger and AdSense both are Google’s free services for publishers. In Blogger you have default options for connecting an AdSense account and display ads on blog.

Quick answer:

You can apply for an AdSense account on Blogger blog from Blogger dashboard “Earning” tab. From the “Earning” tab page click “Create AdSense account”, complete AdSense signup process and set AdSense code in Blogger theme. Once you receive AdSense approval mail, go to “Earning” tab again and connect AdSense account with Blogger blog to display ads.

Let’s get started all step-by-step guide,

Steps to apply for AdSense account on Blogger Blog

Following are steps to apply for Google AdSense account from your Blogger blog and connect with your blog.

1. Sign in to Blogger

Sign in to your Blogger using Google account. You can apply for Google AdSense with the same email account which you are using in your Blogger account.

2. Select your blog in Blogger dashboard

In Blogger, if you have multiple blogs, then last visited blog will open in dashboard. So, here you need to select a specific blog, which you want to use for AdSense approval.

You can change the blog for setting from top left corner blog list select box option. Click that select box and choose a specific blog from it.

Blogger will reload the page and open the selected blog in the dashboard.

3. Click “Create AdSense account” option from Earning tab

You will find the “Create AdSense account” button option in the “Earning” setting page. This Earning tab is available in the dashboard left bar menu.

Now, click this create AdSense account button, it will open AdSense signup form.

Tip: Store all details in a text file, which you had provided in AdSense signup and payment profile form. It will be useful, if it is required in future processes.

4. Fill out Google AdSense signup form

“Create AdSense account” button opens the signup form. Here, you need to confirm or add your email address (your Blogger account email), blog url and country. In the end section of the form, accept terms and click the “Create Account” button.

Here, before clicking the “Create Account” button, check and confirm all details twice. Also, note down all details in the text file and store as backup.

5. Fill out Create payments profile form

After complete signup form, you need to create payments profile by filling account type, your name and address information in form. After complete form click “Submit” option.

Here, before clicking the “Submit” button, check and confirm all details twice for any possible errors or spelling mistakes. Also, note down all details in the text file and store as backup.

6. Add AdSense code between Blogger blog head tags

When you complete the AdSense signup process, AdSense will send an email with script code with instructions.

If you received that email, then you need to copy and paste that AdSense script code between your Blogger blogs head tags.

To add AdSense code in Blogger theme’s head tag, go to Blogger dashboard. Now, open the “Themes” setting page. On this page click the three vertical dots menu, which is available in the “My theme” section. Next, click the “Edit HTML” option which opens the theme xml file to edit. Here, in this file, you need to add AdSense code before the </head> tag.

After completing steps 1-6, you are done from your side, for the AdSense account apply process.

7. Wait for AdSense review result email

Now, after completing all AdSense account application processes, you need to wait for your application review and approval. Generally, you will get an AdSense review result email within a week, but it may take two or more weeks based on the situation.

Meanwhile, you can login to the AdSense dashboard and check the status of your account request status.

Before ending guide,

Here is a link for Google AdSense approval best practices. It’s checklist for AdSense approval. You may to check it out before applying for AdSense.