How to Play YouTube Video With Screen off

How to play YouTube video with screen off: Solution for play YouTube video and listen audio, when your iPhone, iPad or Android phone screen off.

This is a common case for many users that they want to listen music or voice from YouTube video, but, video is paused when mobile lock and screen turn off automatically.

So, the main issue here is that when the YouTube app goes in background process video is paused. And, the requirement is to play video continuously even if screen off.

Following are simple steps to play YouTube video with screen off on iPhone, iPad or Android phone. You can play video in the background without use of any unknown source apps.

1. Open YouTube in mobile browser

Open in your mobile browser instead of YouTube app. On mobile devices YouTube will open the site’s mobile version.

2. Enable Desktop site mode in browser

YouTube video play in background is supported in YouTube desktop site only. So, you need to enable “Desktop site” mode in the browser.

If you are using Chrome, then open browser options from top right corner and enable “Desktop site” option.

For the iPhone and iPad’s safari browser, tap on the “AA” icon and select “Request Desktop Website” option.

Once you enable desktop mode, the site will be reloaded and YouTube desktop site loaded in the browser.

3. Open and play video on YouTube

Now, search and play your video on YouTube’s desktop version site.
Video search and play process suggest in the desktop version, because a YouTube mobile site plays video in YouTube app when you select any video.

4. Turn off your mobile screen

After playing the video in the browser, turn off your mobile screen. Once you do this, your browser app goes in the background process and video playing process is paused in the opened YouTube site.

5. Turn on mobile screen and play video from widget

When you turn on the mobile screen, you will find a browser app widget with video title and play option.

Now, just tap on play button and play YouTube video from browser widget.

6. Now video will play with screen off

Video will not paused with screen off once you complete the above five steps and played the video from widget.

Hope you find how to play a YouTube video with screen off solution helpful. This solution is suggested because it does not use any harmful hacking apps.

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