PayPal Login Activity – Recent Login Review and Manage

For viewing and managing PayPal login activity, you need to update PayPal Auto-login settings.

This post explains how you can check an auto-login browser or device, review and turn off login for suspicious devices.

To check PayPal login history and devices currently logged in, PayPal auto-login feature required enable.

How to check PayPal login activity?

  1. Sign in to your PayPal account.
  2. Open the Settings page (by clicking gear icon from top right corner).
  3. Open Security tab.
  4. Click the Auto-login Update option.
  5. Enable one touch Auto-login and click Turn On PayPal One Touch (If not enabled).
  6. Click the Auto-login Update option (If you redirect to the security tab).
  7. Now you can see all PayPal logged in devices.

From here you can turn off auto login from any logged in device, which you no longer use or unknown.

Suggestion: Avoid enabling or using PayPal One Touch on shared devices.