How to Turn Off Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter?

In this post, you will know – how to disable or turn off direct messages (DM) on Twitter. You can enable or disable Twitter DMs from the same setting option.

On Twitter, you can’t turn off DMs from all users. But, you can turn off DMs from people who you don’t follow.

Let’s check out how,

Turn off Twitter DMs:

  1. Open Twitter app or site and login.
  2. Tap on the profile icon from the top right corner (For app).
  3. Click on More (three dot icon) option (For browser).
  4. Select Settings and privacy option.
  5. Open Tap Privacy and safety option and tap Direct Messages.
  6. Turn off Allow message requests from everyone setting option.

Above, steps will work for all – browser and Android or iOS app. You can turn off and turn on permission from the same place.