Xbox Family Settings App: Features and Overview

Xbox Family Settings app features and overview: get detail for available features, parents control and more. App to provide safe game experience.

Xbox Family Settings is now available for parents and guardians. You can download and install app from Android (Play Store) or iOS (App Store). App is by Microsoft Corporation for parents for controlled and healthy gaming experience.

Xbox Family Settings app is free and has screen time limit, play and communication, content filters, friends list and report controls for parents. App provides good control to parents for young gamer’s activity. You can enable gaming options for Xbox consoles which are best for your children.

Xbox Family Settings app features or controls

Following are available features overview, which are available as settings in app. All features are really required controls for children. This app is first launched as preview. Microsoft very well analyzes user experience and suggestions during preview time and included all required features in this launch.

Screen time limits

This option allows screen time setting for each day of week. You can set more or less time for particular day/s based on requirements. There is also new feature which allows you to grant additional screen time. It’s like reward to children for some good activity.

Content filters

Set filters based on age of child. You can allow or block access to game based on your child age. This is good setting to manage particular rated games and titles as per children age and maturity.

Play and communication settings

This is setting for play and communication in game. You can block all access, or give limited access to “friends only”, or give full access by “everyone” option. Children based on this settings play and communicate with other players in game.

Friends list

You can approve or decline friend request, which made by your child to add friends. If you want to check friend list, then you will also do in app.

Activity report

Activity report includes daily and weekly activity reports for each child account. This report helps to understand how your child spending their time on Xbox.

More on above settings, If you want to enable access and multiplayer capability for Minecraft (rated E10+), then app also have feature for that.

Above are some best features available in app and as per analysis new features also comes in future.

Isn’t it useful?

Check this Xbox YouTube channel video, It will explain how the this app works and give best gaming control to parents.

Links to Download and Install Xbox Family Settings App

If Xbox is used in your family and want to try Xbox Family Settings app in your Android and iOS phone, then following are links for download and install this app.

Steps to Setup Xbox Family Settings App

Now, you know app’s benefits and may also have app in your mobile. So, time is to set up app. Let’s check following steps for setup Xbox Family Settings app for Android or iOS mobile.

  1. Open Xbox Family Settings app in your phone.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account in app. You need to create it first, if not have yet. If you found any issue here, you need to make sure that your age is proper in Microsoft account, as only adults can access this app.
  3. Next step is to create a child account or invite child member by email to join your Xbox family.
  4. Once member added to Xbox family, you can manage key settings for member’s account.
  5. After complete all settings, your setup is done. You can easily edit settings in future based on requirement.

Helpful FAQs for Xbox Family Settings App

Following are some more information in FAQs format, which helps to get deep detail about app. If you have any queries for this app, then you can ask in comment section. We will definitely try to solve it and also add in this section if it found useful for other app users.

How to invite or add new member in Xbox Family Settings App?

You will find green button in the upper right corner. This green button allows you to invite new members to your Xbox family. You can also add other organizers in Xbox family from app.

Is member children can edit settings from their account, which are set by parents?

No, Xbox Family Settings app is for parents only and children cannot login to application using their child account. So, here as a parent, you have full control on Xbox game activity by this app.

What are other helpful information resources for this app?

For more information, you can check Xbox Wire’s post and App detail page on XBOX site.