Why My YouTube Video Comments Section Off – How to Turn On?

Why my YouTube videos comments section is off? How to turn it on? – You will get possible reasons for your YouTube video comments section off issue and solutions to make it turn on.

Possible Reasons When YouTube Comments is Off

  • Video is private: If your video is private and you want to allow comments on it, then you can post video as unlisted instead of private.
  • Video’s audience set as “Made for kids”: If your video’s audience set as “Made for kids” by you or by YouTube, in that case YouTube comment section is off. You can check video’s audience “Made for kids” detail by applying Made for kids Filter on channel video list.
  • Channel’s audience set as Made for kids: If your channel’s audience is set as “Made for kids”, in that case, you will find comment section is off for all channel videos. You can confirm channel’s audience detail from YouTube Studio > Settings > channel > Advanced settings.

How to Turn On YouTube Comments Section

If your channel video comment section off due to any of above given reasons, then you can turn on your video comment section by following solutions.

  • Private video: If your video is private and want to allow comments, then make video unlisted to allow comments.
  • Video audience: If your video content is not made for kids and by mistake video audience is set “Made for kids”, then set “No, it’s not made for kids” for video from Edit video > Basic > Audience setting options.
  • Channel audience: If your channel’s all videos are not made for kids and by mistake channel’s audience is set Made for kids, then set proper value for question (“Do you want to set your channel as made for kids?”). This settings available at [YouTube Studio > Settings > channel > Advanced settings].

That’s it.

If you have different case or more queries, you can ask it in comment section or check YouTube’s following related support FAQs page.