What to say in a YouTube Intro? (YouTube Intro Lines)

In this post you will get a basic idea about “what to say in a YouTube intro”. You will also get a list of intro lines which most YouTubers are using.

What to say in a YouTube Intro?

Current YouTube audience quickly want to know about video content in the beginning of video. So, it is good practice to talk about your video content’s main things overview in YouTube intro.

Try to avoid long intro with repeated same sentences. For example, subscribe my channel, click “Like” button, channel introduction etc., (Move these things at the end or between of the video).


Viewers in youTube like to continue watching, if they find something related or important in the starting of the video.

To the point and quick video content gives more views and more engagement. And, this will automatically increase channel subscribers.

YouTube Intro Lines

Following are common YouTube intro lines, which creators use to start video.

  • Hello friends
  • Hello guys
  • Hey guys what’s up
  • In this video
  • Today we will
  • [Video overview], Let’s get started,
  • Hello gamers
  • In today’s video
  • Hello [audience type] (e.g., Hello coders)
  • Hey what’s up guys
  • Hey everyone / Hi everyone
  • What is going on
  • Ladies and gentlemen
  • Hi, folks. It’s good to see you all here again.
  • Welcome everyone in today’s video
  • Hey {CHANNEL NAME} Friends,

You can choose an intro line based on your style and video topic. For example, for gaming videos, you can start a video with the “Hello gamers …” line.

Here, “Hello friends” intro line is suitable for all types of intros. So, if you are confused about selecting a line, then go with the “Hello friends” line.

Best YouTube Vlog Intro Lines