How to adjust playback speed in “YouTube for Android TV” app?

Playback speed adjustment feature not available in “YouTube for Android TV” app. You will get (Pause/resume, Forward, Rewind, Next, Back, Report, CC, Like/dislike, Subscribe/unsubscribe, Channel) features in Watch Videos on Android TV. You can adjust playback speed by playing video in an external player or in a browser app.

Now, to adjust playback speed in the “YouTube for Android TV” app, you can try following alternative options.

Watch video in playback speed supported video player app

In this option, you need to install an external video player app on your Android TV (if any default player not available), player which supports playback speed feature.

Here, you can try an external video player like BSPlayer. Note: BSPlayer free version is ad-supported.

Now, open the YouTube video share option, which shows available external video players to play video. Next, select the installed player and video will start playing in the external player. At last, from the player, you can adjust playback speed.

Watch video in Android TV browser app

Android TV browser (default or external) is a suggested option to watch YouTube video with playback speed option. You can access YouTube video with all video player options in the TV browser.

Latest Android TV comes with default browser, e.g., default Pango browser in Realme TV.

These default browsers in TV comes different based on brand. And, some TV models may not have a default browser. In that case, you can try the first solution (external video player app) or install Google Chrome in your Android TV.