What is YouTube video minimum length to monetize?

There is no video length criteria for YouTube video to monetize. It means, if your channel satisfies YouTube monetization policy rules and gets approval, then you can monetize your videos content with any length.

But, you will require a minimum video length to display specific YouTube ads. For example, mid-roll ads allow in videos that are 8 minutes or longer in length.

Do YouTube videos have to be 10 minutes to be monetized?

No, YouTube videos do not require 10 minutes length to be monetized. You can monetize channel video with any length. This 10 minute video length is required to display mid-roll ads, and this length requirement is now changed to 8 minute.

Can you monetize a 1 minute video?

Yes, you can monetize a 1 minute video, if your channel is approved for monetization. For example, YouTube Short videos. When any visitors watch short video from your channel page list, your Short videos play with ads.

What is the best video length for YouTube?

Ideal YouTube video length depends on your content type and category. For example, educational videos are long in length compared to entertainment videos.

But, based on viewers’ general behavior and monetization strategy 8-10 minute length is best for YouTube videos. This length may not be applicable for all type videos. So, if your videos perform better in different lengths, then definitely go with that length.