What are best ad networks for low traffic blog? Can i try it?

What are best ad networks for low traffic blog? Can i try it? Answer is No one. Check out why no ad network is best for a low traffic blog.

As per my opinion, ignore use of ad networks for a new blog with low traffic.

Why are new bloggers looking for ad networks for a low traffic blog?

  • Want to use ad networks for earn money quickly from a new blog.
  • AdSense not approved yet and meanwhile wants to try other ad networks.
  • Tired from AdSense rejection and want to earn money by showing ads.
  • You think that your blog is ready for monetization.

Above are reasons which come in new bloggers mind and they are looking for Ad networks for a low traffic blog.

I already passed from this situation. After that i applied for some ad networks and tried some ad networks in this blog’s initial stage.

Here, in this post, i had tried to share the results of ad network use in low traffic blog.

Which are best ad networks and is it good idea to use it in low traffic blogs?

Google AdSense, Media.net, Infolinks and PropellerAds are good ad networks for blog monetization. But, No ad networks are best for a new low traffic blog.

Even Google AdSense and other premium ad networks also do not give best results for low traffic blogs.

Here, rare exceptions are possible based on type of content and niche. These exceptional blogs come in 10%, while 90% new blogs with low traffic are not able to earn more money using ad networks.


If you think why, then following are some reasons to avoid trying blog monetization using ad networks for low traffic blog.

Why should you avoid ad networks use in a low traffic blog?

You have a new blog which does not have decent traffic. But, you want to monetize your blog with ad networks. In this case, following are some points or reasons to avoid use of ad networks for blog’s initial stage.

  • Application rejection: Popular ad networks have some basic criteria for account approval. If your blog is a fresh new blog and has very low traffic, then your blog has less chance for application approval.
  • No earnings: If you already tried some ad networks, then you know that for a new blog you will get $1 or nearer page RPM. As a result, for 200 daily page views, you will earn hardly $6-$7 (Ad view + Ad click).
  • Disturb site speed and user experience: When you start showing ads on your blog, your page load time will increase. Ads also affect user experience. So, based on earning with low traffic, this is not a good deal. You can sacrifice user experience and speed, if the ad gives more earnings.
  • Time investment without earning: Finding ad networks, applying for an account and making changes to setup ads are time consuming processes. All this time investment does not give good returns for a low traffic blog.
  • Demotivated for blogging: Blog setup, content creation is a tough task for new bloggers. Now meanwhile, if you give your valuable time in ad network setup and not get good results, then you may be demotivated for blogging.
  • Ad networks with spam ads: In the market there are many ad networks available, which approve your account with low traffic and normal quality content. If you show ads by such type of ad networks, then there are chances for spam ads in your site. This will affect your blog’s reputation.

What to do for a low traffic blog instead of showing ads?

When you try different ad networks in a low traffic blog, you waste your time in ad network search, application and setup.

After this, you will not get expected results and it demoralizes you toward blogging.

Instead of trying different ad networks, you should spend more time on quality content creation and learning (blogging and SEO practices). This content and blogging knowledge helps to increase blog traffic.

Once your blog starts getting more traffic, you will get approval from popular ad networks easily and you will earn more money from decent traffic.