Does Change in YouTube Video Quality Affect Audio Quality? (Explained)

This is a common question for many YouTube users, that video watching quality changed by me, can also affect audio quality. Now, in this post, you will get a detailed answer for this question.

Most of the time, this question comes to mind, when users listen to music on YouTube. Because, users decrease video quality when they listen to music. So, at that time anyone can think that this action affects audio quality.

Let’s break out detail in sections and check out step-by-step,

Does YouTube video quality affect audio quality?

YouTube video quality and audio quality are different things. You can manage video quality settings on YouTube without affecting audio quality. It means, when you change (increase/decrease) video quality on YouTube, it will not affect audio quality.

The streaming audio part is easier to stream compared to video. In most cases audio quality works also fine with slow internet connection. Even if YouTube changes the audio format with video resolution, then you will not experience any change in audio quality.

You can also test audio quality on YouTube by selecting different video qualities. After this test, you will not find any audio quality difference in different resolutions.

What happens when you change YouTue video quality?

YouTube automatically manages video resolution quality based on video content, device screen size and internet connection speed. You can also change video quality while you are watching it.

When you change YouTube video stream quality, the video stream serves with different frame rates based on your selection. Here, YouTube manages many internal processes with your quality change request to serve the asked quality result.

Here is a possible process in simple words, YouTube app, browser page or TV app manage video stream requests based on your quality selection. And YouTube manages stream data in response based on request.

How to change audio quality on YouTube?

For YouTube videos, Audio quality settings are not available. You will get a device and audio content based default audio quality while you are watching a YouTube video.

But, if you are using YouTube Music service with premium membership, then you will get the option to change audio quality in YouTube Music.

Note: YouTube video and YouTube Music are different platforms.


Before wrapping all things, check out the overview sentence for YouTube video and audio quality.

When you change YouTube video quality, you will get video stream content regarding your quality selection. YouTube will internally manage served content as per your choice.

YouTube audio quality is managed by YouTube (you can not manage audio quality manually) and not affected by video resolution quality change.

So, YouTube manages audio quality very well with video quality change and users not experience any change in audio quality.