Check Instagram Login Activity and Log out Unknown Logins

This guide provides instructions on how to check your Instagram login activity and log out of unknown logins. Checking your Instagram login activity can help you confirm that your account is safe and secure.

How to check Instagram login activity?

Here are the steps to check your Instagram login activity:

  1. Tap profile picture in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap the three line icon and “Settings and privacy” option.
  3. Tap Accounts Centre.
  4. Tap Password and security.
  5. Tap Where you’re logged in.
  6. Tap one of your accounts.
  7. You find a list of your login activity.

How to logout unknown Instagram logins?

Here are the steps to log out of unknown Instagram logins:

  1. On the Login Activity list, tap on the login device’s name that you want to log out of.
  2. Tap “Log out” button.

Quick steps sequence to open Instagram login activity list

Profile picture → Three line menu icon → Settings and privacy → Accounts Centre → Password and security → Where you’re logged in → Select account to view login activity list.

What to do if the above steps don’t work for you?

If given steps don’t work for you, try this:

Profile picture → Three line menu icon → Settings and privacy → Security → Login Activity.

Next, for unknown logins – tap This Wasn’t Me and follow the process to reset your password and secure your account (This option display for unknown devices only).

And, to logout from currently logged in devices tap “” to the right of the login, then tap Log out.

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