How to Add Countdown on Instagram Story?

This guide explains how to add a countdown to an Instagram story. Here, you will learn how to add a countdown, set the countdown, the available settings, and how to delete the countdown.

Instagram story countdown sticker

1. How to add a countdown in an Instagram story?

To add a countdown to your Instagram story, follow these steps:

  1. Open create story screen.
  2. Add photos or videos and complete other stuff.
  3. Next, tap the sticker icon located at the top of the screen.
  4. Scroll down and tap the COUNTDOWN sticker.
  5. Set an end date and countdown name.
  6. Drag and move countdown to proper location.

2. Countdown sticker settings

Countdown name – Name of your countdown timer which displays on timer.

End date – End date for countdown timer, it can be month-date or month-date-time.

Choose an end date – All day – In end date selection, “All day” toggle button is used to toggle month-date and month-date-time selection options.

Let people turn on reminders and share this countdown to their story – Toggle button to allow or disallow turn on reminders and share your countdown to story.

3. Where to use an Instagram countdown timer sticker?

Here are some ideas where you can use countdown in your Instagram story.

  • Special occasion – Birthday, Anniversary etc.,
  • Product launch.
  • Scheduled Insta Live announcement.
  • Promote a new product feature or new blog post.
  • Achievements, milestones.
  • Limited time deals or offers.

In short, you can use a countdown timer with time related Instagram stories.

4. How to remove a countdown sticker from an Instagram story?

To remove the countdown timer sticker from your Instagram story, long press on the countdown sticker and drag it to the bottom side of the screen. Next, Drag it to the “Drag to delete” option and release.

This concludes the guide on the Instagram Countdown timer sticker. I hope you found it helpful in adding birthday countdowns and other promotional countdowns to your Instagram story.

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