How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Stories?

This guide will show you how to mute the sound on Instagram Stories while watching them or before uploading your own.

Manage Instagram stories sound can be required in many cases where you want to mute or turn off story sound.

How to turn off sound on Instagram Stories?

Unlike Instagram Reels, there is no tap option to turn the sound on or off for Instagram Stories. This means that you cannot mute Instagram Stories directly from the iOS or Android apps.

To mute the sound on Instagram Stories, you can mute your phone’s sound. To do this, press and hold the volume down button until the sound icon is turned off.

How to mute sound on your Instagram Story?

To mute the audio on your Instagram Story while uploading or creating a story video, tap the speaker icon in the top bar of the story options.

The icon will change to a mute icon once you have tapped it. This will mute the original audio in your recorded video or uploaded story video.

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Hope you find this how to manage Instagram Story sound guide helpful.

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