Not able to refresh feed or send messages and Instagram ask for details (Is account disabled?)

If you login to your Instagram account, and found that you neither allowed to refresh feeds nor allow to send messages on Instagram.

And, after that Instagram asks to provide your info. Next, once your provide info, you are getting the below message in black screen.

“Thanks for Providing Your Info

We’ll review your info and if we can confirm it,
You will be able to access your account within
approximately 24 hours.”

Is the above situation my Instagram account is disabled or banned?

Yes, above scenario indicates that your account may temporarily disabled and you can not access it at this moment.

In such cases, some people get their account back and some don’t.

Here, You can appeal after 24-48 hours through the app. This account back process time period can be different(2-3 days, weeks or months) based on the situation. And, process result can not determine in advance.

Note: above answer detail prepared based on different public threads and users experience which they share online. Answer is not based on some official info.

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